Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Report: Baby Max and Ruby - Birthday

Birthday [Book]
My two year old is over the moon for the TV show about two bunny siblings called, Max and Ruby.  If you (and your children) haven't seen it, it may be something to consider DVRing.  To tie in a bit of educational, non-TV activity, the book series is a great complement.  We got a copy of Baby Max and Ruby: Birthday by Rosemary Wells and Katie just loves it.  The words could not be more simple and there really is no plot (but then again, we're talking about books for 1-2 year olds), but the pictures are fun and exciting to her.  In fact, each picture of a present in the book has a bow that slightly raised, giving your child a tactile surface to keep him interested while you read the words on the page.  This is a great book for young kids, and if you're really ambitious you could extend the book to include lessons on sharing and sibling rivalry.  We found it online, but with shipping costs, it almost makes more sense to find it your local bookstore or big box store.

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